Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, Buried Confessions

Happy New Year! Any resolutions? My resolution is to take this resolution business seriously. What was mine last year? Yeah Baby! Losing my virginity. No, I have not been successful. In this post I shall come clean. I have lied so much! And the stories I have been coming up in these past years! Ok, Fine! I was inspired by the movie Easy A a little (have you seen it, amazing isn’t it?) but I don’t think I have the guts to say the truth to my friends, so thank you anonymous blogging.
Lie No. 1: I am not a virgin.
Lie No. 2: I gave a standing BJ to 5 random guys on 5 different occasions while going to my tuitions.
Lie No. 3: I was in serious relationship with a 41 year old guy when I was sixteen. He got a tattoo on his muscled arm; his tattoo, my name.
(You hate me now, don’t you?, if you weren’t already.)
Lie No. 4: I am an expert in giving deepthroat.
Lie No. 5: Random guys make pass at me all the time.
Lie No. 6: My first (straight) love went gay only for me.
Lie No. 7: I have 3 F***Buddies.
Lie No. 8: I am not desperate.
Lie No. 9: I am over Justin Timberlake, James Franco and Zac Effon.
Lie No. 10: I think porn is for low-lives and I watch it rarely.
Lie No. 11: I don’t have a crush on the straight Edward Cullen-ish guy in my college (batch) and I don’t get up early hoping to see him go shirtless in the hostel washroom.
Lie No. 12: I am not vain, I don’t want a studly boyfriend, good personality will do.
Lie No. 13: I am happy with my 6.5 package.
Lie No. 14: I don’t masturbate twice (sometimes thrice) a day
Aah! The feeling of putting off load off your shoulders! I have said this before, I say it again, I couldn’t be happier with my decision of choosing to be anonymous. You know what is strange to me. Whole college knows that I am gay, all the people in my high school knew and I chose not to be identified here. I know I write really gay stuff and say too in my day-to-day life but seriously I do NOT anybody to know my obsession with dicks and everything I wrote in my previous posts! So here is almost everything I have been telling my friends. Why did I lie? I don’t know. It just got bigger and bigger and till this date going according to my lying machine, I have had sex atleast 30 times, been in love twice and have been in a relationship 5 times.  I cant stop it now.


  1. Unapologetic much, don'tcha think?

  2. Looking forward to a post from you soon! I miss some 19 year old innocence!

  3. Oh la la... What an interesting find...
    Another child who's really going out there and exploring :-)

    Do I know you from before, though?

  4. "Exploring" yes
    "child" no
    yeah maybe in fucking