Friday, January 21, 2011


Did I ever tell you about my college? Yeah, I HATE it. Not just because of my psycho room-mate, horrid hostel food (don’t get me wrong, my college ranking happens to be 2nd), but a complete lack of options. I have just three freaking gay seniors! (Those ball-less closet cases not counted). And guess what, all of them are bottoms. Argh!! Ok before you jump on me, I don’t have anything against bottoms but I cant stand one in a relationship. And one of them is 6’5”. Imagine what would be the size of his dick! Why, oh why is this world so cruel?
The thing is, I’m still confused about my position.

Top/Mostly top/ Frequently top?                                                                                                               Bottom/ Mostly bottom/ Frequently bottom/ Bottom-in-denial/ bottom pretending to be top only to get hotter guys?

I don’t f’ing know! I say that I am bottom cause I always imagine myself to be, but I’m not closed to the idea of top. My friend begs me to go full on top cause he thinks that all tops want to do is just fuck and use and fuck and enjoy and fuck and bottom takes all the pain (Stupid Straight Views). Which one is better? I asked a straight guy friend of mine – vaginal sex or anal sex? He said that fucking a tight ass is super hot. Top, then? I just know a little about pain (Dildos not a real dick. I wasn’t able to walk for some time after my first time!), so let’s see (hopefully) how a dick feels….


  1. LOL @ the 6'5 a friend of mine says; 'What a waste of a good dick!' :p

    About position...truth is u won't really know what u are until u've done it....most ppl DO imagine being on the bottom but once they top..they wanna be top! ;)

  2. Haha maybe you're versatile. ;)
    And why are only bottoms out, never the hot straight ones. Y'know the cute, quiet, brooding sexy ones.

  3. I know right H!!!
    whatever happened to those straight curious guys who are soo freaking hawt!!!
    oh well PF...umm...what are you btw?