Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Disasters of a Dating Website

To those who have been reading my blog, (I am hoping there IS someone besides me who reads this thing) sorry for being extraordinarily irregular at this thing. The reason why I don’t feel like writing here often is because I usually end up writing the stuff I want to write in my diary and then I don’t feel the need to write it again. Hold on, don’t jump to the conclusion. I do write much more in my diary besides my relationship failures/<non> adventures. In fact I have a friend who too has an anonymous blog and her blog is her diary. Interesting, right?

Ok. So a lot has happened in my life since the last post. Well, I kinda got sick of that dating website. Is it necessary for a gay guy to be registered on a website? Has it come down to this for each and every one of us? That there is no other way you can meet anyone out there. It all sounds very sad doesn’t it? Or maybe this is just one of the ways we identify ourselves with. But I refuse to identify myself with a profile name rather than my real name. Is it really healthy to be spending time on a virtual world where the response you get from strangers is solely based on how attractive your profile picture is? Every guy you meet from that website either thinks that you looked way better in that photograph or he is counting the minutes until he can get his dick in your ass. (I have NOTHING against the people who DO like these dating websites). The time I was on that website, I met unbelievable amount of horny fucks. In all shapes and sizes. Hair obsessed, sneaker loving, bent dicks, 3-inchers, 10-inchers (yeah, sadly that’s the longest I came across), low-hangers…….everything! All of them sex hungry and nothing else. Seriously, describing your sex position in bed is not a humble way to start a conversation with a stranger. Is that why these dating websites exist? Just to satisfy your dicks? An alternative to boring daily masturbation routine? The worst part is that you yourself inevitably turn into a desperate judgmental bitch. The other places  to look for people are those shady and slightly not-so-shady gay bars and pubs. Again, I refuse to go there and I have never been in one. Why? Because there the situation is lot worse! It’s not just the creepy messages there but a full fletched blow-job hungry monster (can I say that?) in flesh and blood standing right in front of you to scare the fuck out of you.
SEX. Is this all gay men desire? Is it the basis of all good gay relationships?

I had non-penetration sex* with this guy once few months ago. One word: BAD. I decided to tell him the truth that I didn’t like it and he shouldn’t bother calling me again. He didn’t take it well, to cut it short there were a lot of nasty things said (from his side….sheesh….i am wayyyy above this) and he didn’t bother me for few months. And I did the lowest of the low, I dumped him (not that we were boyfriends, but still…in my defence he DID like me a lot) over a text!!!!! Just one short text. I didn’t even have the decency to call him. Anyway, after few months, he called me again!! Yeah, can you believe it!! It was then I realized how gay Indian men frustratingly ache for sex 24/7. Would you want to have sex stay in touch with the guy who dumped your ass on a text?

I don’t know what to look for or WHO to look for anymore.   

I am tired of all this dating website business!!

I got myself re-registered today. Go ahead. Laugh.

*non penetration sex is everything you can do in bed with each other besides the obvious- anal sex. So wohoo! I am still a virgin. And a proud one too