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Fucked Up Intimacies

Everyone keeps talking about how great open relationship really is. Yes it is. 
In case you were wondering that this post was going to be me bitching about open relationships, it isn't. 
However, I do want to talk about what the most difficult part for me has been...being in an open relationship. It's been my tussle with figuring out intimacies. One thing that I have always been very clear in my head about before going into bed with anyone is that I can NOT get it up without being intimate with the other person. By intimacy I don't mean showering 'I love you's' or 'I want to spend the rest of my life with you' (thinking of which I have said 'I love you' to barely 5 people in my life) but requiring a minimum level of attachment with the other person. It could perhaps be me being attracted to the way he smells, or how intelligent he is, or good to talk to. I can not do anything without talking to the other person for some good time (which may str…

Lingering Coconut Oil Smell and (non) Hairy Chests

I think I have done lot of things in my life out of pure impulse and this was one of them. Couple of weeks back I went to a massage place with my friend. Now, this is no ordinary 'spa'. Catering exclusively to men, it's set in a very shady looking location in south Delhi and it's equally shady interiors don't really inspire confidence. Nevertheless, I was there, inside, so might as well go ahead with it.
What struck me the most inside, well beside the guys only in their towels roaming everywhere, was that there was Pro-Kabaddi playing on the TV in the hall! Kabaddi is a wrestling sport in India, more famous in the northern regions. And it has none of that fancy shit that the western countries have. Its just men (and women, but who looks at those matches) playing in the mud without any equipment or gear. I don't think I am doing justice in its description, so please do google it.
You did?
So yeah. Moving on. I have never been to a brothel in my lif…