Monday, May 25, 2015

The attack of the *gasp* Pure Top!!!

Hello people! I write this blog entry after a week into my new first job fresh out of college. All I need is an expensive wardrobe change to feel like Anne Hathaway from Devil Wears Prada and I am set to take over the world! (Yes, subtle hint at bitchy-tough-to-deal-with-boss). Nevertheless, I like my work, so it IZ FAAINE. 

What's not so faaine are the stupid top boys who seem to be sprouting like motherfucking cockroaches. (yeah yeah, bad analogy) I don't know if this frustration is to do more with me being in Delhi (not just the capital of the country, but also the capital of maximum number of douchebags found in one place) or just life in general. But what the fuck is up with cis gendered men trying to assert their sexual position as top to prove their masculinity! What is this mirroring the sexual dominant position of hetero-normative people! Isn't it bad enough that we had deal with straight prejudice 22 out of 24 hours of our lives? 

I used to get confused by these two categories on Planetromeo, "Role" and "Position". Where I would come across profiles which had 'Versatile' as roles and 'Tops' as positions. What does this mean? WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS MEAN? Hey! I am all for gender fluidity, role reversal, but how this translates into establishing your superiority over others, is what I don't get. Are you are doing me a favor by kissing me during foreplay and maybe sucking my dick? (Because generally tops don't do that?) That you have this weird idea about how in porn 'have I ever seen the guy who fucks do anything but fuck the bottom!?' WHAT THE FUCK IS COMING TO THIS WORLD!

Who could say better about ridiculous state of gay men in India than Ashley Tellis. And of course this sexual position comes with million caveats. For instance, "no girlies, no sissies, no uncles, no fatties" or an extremely obnoxious statement like "I am a MAN who likes another MAN, so no trannies or crossdressers". I think more than anything what it reveals about Indian men is that they are no less misogynist like other 'normal' men. They are just as big an assholes like everyone else. I know it sounds incredibly cliche to say 'Where has the romance gone', but seriously WHERE HAS IT GONE? 

And I totally hate dismissing this idea of passionate sex just because so many of us say that there is an entire culture of meaningless sex invading our interpersonal relationships. Why does one have to always detach a sense of deeper emotional connect in opposition to one night stand? Just because two parties have agreed to have a no-strings attached hardcore fuck, does that really mean that you have to demean each other by sticking to in-and-out top/bottom fucking experience? 

Top men need to realize how amazing being bottom is. Bottom men need to realize how incredible fucking is and stop referring themselves to submissive 'bitch boys'! We need to step outside these binaries not just in terms of the gender spectrum but our everyday lives, which very much includes our sexual expressions. Sex isn't just limited to poppers and condoms you know.

My reaction when the 'pure top' tells me he doesn't suck dicks -