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Dear Eternal

I remember I saw you the first time in a Youtube video. Just another celebrity crush I guess. I obsessed about you. I obsessed about going to Tihar and fantasized about meeting you as your lawyer. To see deep into your eyes, feel your (supposed) pain and touch you while quoting obscure penal sections on sedition. I imagined your deep husky voice wrapping me.
After that my regular visits to JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) became……sexual visits to JNU. Random streets for me started acquiring intimacy. Silly administrative block steps became potential PDA spots. One afternoon, I finally saw you. I saw you lying down on a sofa, with your head on your girlfriend’s lap and I recalled countless boys I had fantasized about before and how their girlfriends were always the Komolika to my Kausauti Zindagi Ki. You casually looked up, saw me for one second and continued on with your life.
The moment I left the room, I imagined how you would leave the room. You would think who that boy was, why h…

Re-living Illusions

Since past few weeks I have been meaning to write a post about a problem of mine but something else happened and I am writing this now. If you have been kind (and patient) enough to read through this blog (I salute your decision to not throw away your laptop/computer screens), in the previous post I wrote about my first sexual experience with another person. Recently (let's call him) hook and I got in touch on facebook (translation: after stalking him repeatedly over days and sending him a friend request and then devising stupid ways to initiate a conversation with him) and started talking. He said that he has shifted to the same city as me and perhaps we should catch up sometime. Obviously, I said yes. Didn't even wait for him to finish the damn sentence before typing in YAAAS BITCH YAAAAAAASS. 
Now, the last time I saw him was when I was in 9th grade. It has been 9 years since then. I think it wouldn't be honest of me to tell you, dear reader, that I handle my desires q…

Unfinished Love Affairs

Recently a friend of mine just stopped talking to me. And we know in this day and age, not talking is just not limited to literally NOT TALKING. It also means cutting you off on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (Yes, I use ALL these). Reason? I don't know. I am guessing it's because he got engaged? Another reason? He's not out about his sexuality? Another reason? We have fucked a lot? Another reason? He's had his tongue inside my ass a lot of times? Last time I met him was a couple of months ago. Now, I know you'll say what kind of hoe I am that I strut around the town with my friends licking my ass but let me just clarify that I don't do boundaries. (Lolz) I sometimes hook up with my friends and so far both (or more) parties are mature enough to not ruin the friendship. 
But I am beginning to realize that maybe it is fucking things up. I met this guy almost 2 and a half years back. In a different city. We went out on a date. The date was am…

Power of talking about Sex

I am now writing my first post of 2016! Sorry for taking 4 months since writing my last post. I was going through a terrible job crisis (which I have now quit and feel incredibly happy about, so yay!) and was just not in the mood to write anything. 
First of all, I don't know if I have mentioned this before or not but I am not anonymous anymore about DUG (Ugh, short form of my blog doesn't sound too cool, does it?). I have linked my instagram profile and twitter account to this blog. So I thought I would link both of those here as well.
Second of all, it's been more than 5 years since I started writing this blog bitches! I am not ashamed of admitting that I had started writing my diary after watching the first episode of first season of The Vampire Diaries (yes, very lame but I am still watching the show and it has become very very painful) AND that I started writing this blog after watching Sex and the City (too bad I don't have fucking amazing deals like Carry did w…